Make Your Own Tank Bag- It's Soooo Easy!

Terry's Tank Bag

Thanks to Terry Guolee

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Here was my problem (and perhaps yours): I regularly have to carry a cell phone, a PDA and like to listen to a Walkman when riding (at reasonable levels of course). During the Summer months, packing all this junk in a coat isn't so easy and I hadn't liked the tank bags I've seen in the stores. Solution? Make my own and now you can too.

What You'll Need:

  1. Leather fanny pack
  2. Flat refrigerator magnets (you can find them at office supply or craft stores)

Total Cost, about $30 ($25 for the fanny pack, $5 for the magnets)

How To:

Take your leather "fanny pack", chop off the straps and glue on the flat refrigerator magnet material. Check the bag for anything on the "down" or "tank" side that might scratch your tank like zippers or seams. Pad them if necessary.

That's it, your done! You now have a small but very functional - tank bag that can be taken with when leaving the bike. The magnets will hold the bag firmly to your tank even on bumpy roads and at 70MPH on the highway without a windshield.

You should check periodically when you first begin using the bag to be sure there are no rough spots rubbing the tank. Otherwise, enjoy!

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