V-Cover: A Left Side Engine Cover That Won't Break The Bank

Hide The Plumbing Between the "V" with a low bucks addition

Thanks to Troop

lsc_finished.jpg (38835 bytes)
Troop's $25 Cover

So often after Vulcan (and many other V-Twin) owners remove the air filter from the left side of the engine they stand back and wonder "now what?" You're suddenly staring at a lot of plumbing formerly hidden by the air cleaner and associated parts.

Troop has come up with a very inexpensive fix. The above cost him a whole $25.

Before we get to the 'how to' let me mention you have tons of options depending on your taste. If you'll check E-Bay searching for "Air Cleaner Insert" or "Derby Cover" or "Horn Cover" you're going to discover a world of choices. Below are just a few posted on E-Bay as this was being written. Pricing varies a bunch so wait for the bargains unless you see a part you've 'just gotta have'.



kury_keyrelo_close.jpg (77958 bytes)Another option for owners of Vulcan 1500's is the use of the following instructions except you choose something large enough to hide your stock ignition switch and install the switch like this. Instructions for doing that particular mod are this page.

So, lets' get to Troop's mod so we can hide those injectors and the back side of all the intake mess.

Troops List Of What You'll Need

  1. (2) 6m x 40mm bolts, cost: $1.00
  2. (4) 6m nuts, cost: .25
  3. (4) washers, cost: .25
  4. Your choice of cover


How To Do It

  1. lsc_bracket1.jpg (40325 bytes) We'll assume your stock air cleaner and air tunnel have already been removed. You're going to re-use your stock mounting bracket that held the original air cleaner backplate to the engine (the design differs slightly between 1500 and 1600's. The 1600 is shown here) Rough the bracket up a little and paint it black so it can't be seen behind your new cover.
  2. lsc_bracket3.jpg (39991 bytes)lsc_bracket2.jpg (39943 bytes)Make a standoff (spacer) using any cast off piece of plastic or aluminum you have hanging around the garage adjusting the shape to fit your choice of cover. Using the nuts and bolts listed on the 'what you'll need' list and as shown at left.
  3. Attach your new bracket and spacer assembly to the bike either using the stock bolts or something more decorative.
  4. Hold your new cover against the standoff and mark where your mounting hole(s) match up with the piece of plastic/aluminum you've made. Drill the hole and mount your new cover using a decorative bolt (button heads usually look good).
  5. lsc_finished.jpg (38835 bytes)Done! Go ride.

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